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Personal Injury - auto accidents-class actions-slip and falls-medical malpractice-workers' compensation

Angelo Marino, Jr. P.A.

Personal injuries do more than hurt. They destroy individuals and families and take a toll on society. You may have a legal right to financial compensation, whether you have been injured on the job ( workers' compensation claim), a car accident, trucking accident, slip and fall, endured and suffered from medical and hospital malpractice, been victimized by a faulty product ( products' liability), or received personal injuries in an accident of some kind.  Whatever it is, we can help you through the medical and legal maze. 

We also handle Class actions.  Some are listed below:

Class action against Taurus pistols for a defect in its firing pin block safety drive in certain models settles for 30 Million.  See the products liability section for more details. Click here to see complaint.  
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Class action against Century International Arms, Corp. for defective AK-47 safety selector. Click here to see complaint.

Class action against Comcast Corporation for misrepresenting its Service Protection Plan, Case number FLSD 0:17-cv-60089 Click here to see complaint.

( We handle also individual claims for defective guns and pistols.)  Other class actions against Florida Mens' Medical Clinic and Mens' Medical Clinic for deceptive and unfair trade practices.  Investigating class actions against For-Profit colleges, other gun manufacturers, and resellers of credit information.  

Angelo Marino Jr. has 47 years of experience and is a Board Certified Civil Trial attorney. When the terrible circumstances of a personal injury have you confused, frustrated, and hurt, contact us right away for legal advice and put your trust in our record of successfully settling and trying these cases in a professional, caring manner. We provide a free consultation for personal injury cases; unless you receive a payment in your case, there is no attorney's fee.

Angelo "Tony"  Marino, Jr., also specializes in Consumer Law and has a separate website with information on fraud, collection suits, credit reporting, and other issues facing consumers. Click here to see the Consumer Law website.

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